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At Marymount International School, Paris, we are proud of our team of faculty and staff committed to serving the school's mission and the vision of the RSHM. We are always looking for qualified, dynamic people who are passionate about international education and working with young children in a multicultural environment.

We also welcome hearing from people who have instruction to offer to students during after-school activities, including art, dance, music, martial arts, etc. (Availability required to teach after-school programs for children ages 3–14, Monday–Thursday from 3:30–5:00 p.m.)

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Middle School Science Teacher

Teachers help fulfill the Mission and Philosophy of the school through nurturing the whole child and are responsible for the academic, physical and psychological well-being of their students. They report to the Principal.

Particulars for Middle School Science Teacher:

Degree in Biology, Physics, or Chemistry
Recent Middle School experience
Knowledge of safety and security in lab work

High School experience as well
Next Generation Science Standards Program

Organizational Work habits
Collaboration with other subject areas
Ability to work independently to execute science curriculum through hands - on activities and lab work

The teaching and learning Policy constitutes the basis for all Marymount teachers’ positions. The Teachers are responsible for teaching and other duties in their job descriptions or agreed to with the Principal.


  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of each subject area(s) (for Elementary School)
  • Demonstrate, in practice, knowledge of their specific subject syllabus (for Middle School)
  • Contribute towards curriculum development for subject/grade level
  • Demonstrate ability to translate knowledge of subject into teaching students with different learning styles
  • Display enthusiasm for and interest in the subject/grade level
  • Keep abreast of current developments in the teaching of the subject/grade level


  • Stimulate interest and find ways to motivate students in their students
  • Provide a variety of experiences using various methods and materials
  • Demonstrate an understanding and use of appropriate use of technology and AV materials
  • Provide opportunities for students to utilize hands on investigation and encourage participation of all students through lesson design and classroom appearance
  • Use appropriate written & oral encouragement
  • Prepare clear written lesson plans with defined lesson objectives and outcomes
  • Ensure lessons are linked well with previous lessons and other curricula
  • Effective organize learner centered instruction for mixed ability/grade classes
  • Effectively put lessons plans into practice
  • Encourage students to develop good organization and work habits
  • Encourage students to take pride in their work and to use materials carefully
  • Encourage high quality work consistent with the student’s ability
  • Establish clear guidelines for students conduct and class routines
  • Apply appropriate and effective disciplinary techniques
  • Ensure that students follow safe practices
  • Provide appropriate assessments


All Marymount teachers will support the Marymount assessment policy by:

  • Communicate clearly verbally and in writing to students what, why, how and when work will be assessed
  • Assess students’ progress utilizing prompt feedback, and use summative and formative assessment techniques
  • Maintain an accurate record of students’ grades and progress
  • Provide useful and positive feedback and guidance to students
  • Establish a good rapport with the students through encouragement to students to believe in the school and its mission
  • Show concern for social, emotional and academes needs
  • Maintain a calm, warm and supportive approach by:
    • Creating a courteous and respectful atmosphere
    • Helping students develop self-confidence, self-respect and self esteem
    • Encouraging active participation in school life
    • Remaining impartial and consistent in the treatment of students


  • Actively seek to grow professionally by
    • Attending in service workshops
    • Undertaking personal research projects
    • Seeking new teaching assignments or projects
    • Introducing new teaching methodologies
    • Reading professional literature
    • Visiting other classes or schools
    • Contributing to peer observations (informal)
  • Contribute to curriculum implementation and school development through
    • The sharing of ideas, materials and experiences with colleagues
    • School review committee meetings
  • Be diplomatic and respectful in dealings with
    • Colleagues
    • Parents
    • Administrators
    • Outside agencies and organizations
    • Students
  • Encourage parent involvement
    • Meet deadlines promptly and effectively
    • Help with duties and extracurricular activities
    • Follow accepted administrative procedures
    • Respect confidentiality
    • Communicate concerns through the appropriate channels only
    • Show sensitivity to cultural diversity
    • Promote internationalism
    • Promote the school’s mission, its aims and objectives


General administration which includes:

  1. Recording attendance
  2. Monitoring the agenda books or homework planners
  3. Monitoring home school communication
  4. Contact with other teachers which includes:
    • Receiving and distributing information about students in the homeroom. There should be two way communication on such things as:
      • Positive achievements
      • Behaviors and attitude
  5. Observing changes in home circumstances that might affect the student’s work, attitude and behavior in school
  6. Supporting colleagues in their dealings with students in the homeroom representing the interests of students in the homeroom
  7. Liaising with the Student Counselor
  8. Report directly to the Principal

Main Responsibilities

  • Keep the School office informed of any and all student’s situations: early departures, late returns, extended illnesses, holiday leave, etc.
  • Set the example for morning prayers and announcements during morning homeroom
  • Read the Daily Bulletin, Weekly Notices, the Wednesday Mailer and the school calendar and discuss relevant information with students
  • Keep parents informed of all academic and social concerns and arrange conferences as necessary
  • Arrange conferences with parents of students who are experiencing difficulties
  • Write letters of recommendation as requested
  • Remain with students when classes are cancelled for any reason
  • Maintain accurate attendance records using GradeQuick
  • Maintain subbies or lockers
  • Collect students on the playground each morning ad to be responsible for students during the time from 8:30 to 3:30 daily
  • Assist in the coordinating and chaperoning of the school educational trips as requested
  • Arrange behavioral programs such as information on bullying or self-esteem for homeroom with the Guidance Counselor and health-related talks with the School Nurse
  • Ensure that non-bus students are conducted to the 72 gate and handed over to parent/designated person

How to Apply
To apply, please send your CV and cover letter via e-mail to with “Middle School Science Teacher” in the subject line.

Middle Management Positions

Position Description

The team leaders/coordinators contribute to the improvement of instruction and student well-being at Marymount International School, Paris through the structures they create for teachers to learn together and from one another.The team leaders/coordinators also serve as a liaison between the grade level teachers and the Principal so that school-level decisions are informed by on-going, two-way communication. The team leaders/coordinators report to the Principal to carry out the duties and curriculum responsibilities of their respective teams.


The team leaders/coordinators are responsible for guiding the team’s work and ensuring it is coordinated with school goals. To this end, s/he leads effective data-based inquiry, guides colleagues to make instructional decisions informed by the professional knowledge base, supports effective instructional practice, and cultivates a professional culture of shared ownership for student learning and well-being in the school. The team-leader demonstrates the Marymount International School, Paris mission and vision in all interactions with others.

Main responsibilities

  • Support the mission and the vision of Marymount International School, Paris, and look for ways to implement them into the day-to-day activities and curriculum of the team
  • Ensure communication and collaboration of the team by overseeing the implementation of the annual team goals
  • Ensure the implementation of curriculum goals in conjunction with the Principal and teachers
  • Uphold and develop the standards to teaching and learning in the team
  • Be current on research –supported best practice
  • Ensure and support teachers in meeting grade appropriate AERO standards
  • Provide leadership in the collection and analysis of data (e.g. MAP)
  • Ensure that teachers are clear about the learning objectives and understand the scope and sequence of the units of study in the grade levels
  • Collaborate with Principal to develop a clear timetable of the curriculum review for 2016-2017 to be presented to teachers in September 2016
  • Lead, manage, and enhance the instructional practice of teachers and teachers assistants with regular informal classroom visits (formal observations to be conducted by Principal)

Additional responsibilities

  • Serve as a mentor for new colleagues and encourage dialogue on goal setting
  • Review the team budget and team ordering requests before sending to Administration
  • Review all report cards of team
  • Coordinate teacher mentor program: match up, reading suggestions, rubric application
  • Coordinate collaboration & communication between homeroom teachers and EAL/LSS teams
  • Reinforce code of behavior and uniform policies in conjunction with the Student Services Coordinator
  • Verify consistent weekly communication from homeroom teachers/Advisors
  • Ensure that curriculum timetable is respected throughout the year
  • Provides logistic support for teachers in the updating of ATLAS curriculum maps
  • Collaborate with the IT team to ensure the consistent application of ISTE standards

Duties and deliverables

  • Participate in monthly leadership meeting
  • Participate in weekly meeting with grade level teams (with Principal in attendance as needed) and provides a summary of meetings to the Principal
  • Coordinate one multi-disciplinary unit in your team with a connected service activity for RSHM Zimbabwe (to be undertaken with the homeroom parents of the team)
  • Coordinate logistics of all team events, parent information sessions, PTCs/SLCs for their team
  • Draft communication on behalf of the team to parents
  • Represent team in building annual school calendar

Additional responsibilities specific to EAL/LSS

  • Lead to process of identifying students as they transition in or out of the LSS/EAL programs
  • Coordinate with Admissions when a new or prospective student needs to be assessed and provides feedback on the file to help determine placement/servicing decisions
  • Serves as a resource for classroom teachers regarding students, services and implementing successful LSS/EAL strategies and modifications in the classroom
  • Schedules the LSS/EAL teams for push in and pull out services
  • Ensures that the Services and Monitoring List are updated, current, and communicated to the School Office for data entry
  • Approves and signs off on all student IEPs (when applicable)
  • Oversees the SSP process and ensures that the steps are followed

Admissions Specialist

Role summary: The Admissions Specialist reports directly to the Director of External Relations and is responsible for the development, implementation, and management of the admissions strategy, policy and admissions practices of the school.

Main responsibilities:


  • Inform and admit new, qualified students to Marymount
  • Plan an in-depth visit and tour for each family
  • Respond rapidly to drop-in requests for visits
  • Organize screenings of students or facilitate distant interviews and meetings (Skype, etc.)

Recording and reporting

  • Update and follow admissions procedures based on changes
  • Update database regularly, record accurate and timely information
  • Maintain own records to track each inquiry and record timely follow-up actions
  • Design and implement surveys to track customer service satisfaction at various stages of the admissions process.
  • Provide input to Director of External Relations regarding how potential stakeholder perceives the school.
  • Assist in producing reports as required
  • Help develop and utilize a mutual database for school efficiency.

Marketing and Prospection

  • Ensure that prospective families understand the Marymount mission, philosophy and community.
  • Work with school principal to facilitate ESL and other assessments for appropriate student placement.
  • Report to the Senior Leadership Team in market intelligence and the competitor landscape
  • Ensure all Admissions meeting areas and tour routes deliver a top quality experience

Communications and Customer Service

  • Build and develop strong and positive relations with faculty and administrative staff
  • Counsel families through the application process and facilitate questions related to the school’s academic, social cultural, financial and athletic programs.
  • Provide admission presentations to campus visitors and varying constituent groups
  • Facilitation of Open House Days and Relocation events
  • Positively represent the school at all times
  • Provide a focused and high quality customer care at all times.

Key Admissions Events

  • Support school orientation events throughout the year
  • Support midterm induction processes for new students
  • Be responsible for the admissions and re-enrollment procedures of new and returning students
  • Report newly accepted students to accounting
  • Attend events including international school fairs to recruit new students (may include weekends and evenings)
  • Attend meetings with external stakeholders to represent the school
  • Perform other duties as requested by the Head of School or External Relations Director.

Please click here to download this job description.

How to Apply

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter via e-mail to with “Admissions Specialist” in the subject line.

Substitute Teacher

Marymount International School, Paris is seeking substitute teachers for short and medium term assignments for Grades Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Substitute teachers are hired when the classroom teacher is sick, attending professional development activities or otherwise temporarily unable to be present in the classroom.The role of the substitute is to ensure that the classroom is managed according to a lesson plan prepared by the teacher and to organize instruction in order that the school’s goals for the students can be met. All substitute teachers are expected to use discretion and professional judgment in their work. The central values underpinning their professional judgment should be respect, responsibility, and equity.

Qualities Desired

  • have European nationality or have valid French working papers
  • have a BA/MA in Education or equivalent
  • have some teaching experience
  • be a native English speaker
  • be a native French speaker for French language teachers
  • be a native Spanish speaker for Spanish language teachers
  • be a native Mandarin Chinese speaker for Mandarin Chinese language teachers
  • living locally and availability at short notice would be an asset

Please click here to download the full job description and required qualifications.

How to Apply

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter via e-mail to with “Substitute Teacher” in the subject line.

Our Policies

Employment Policy

Our policy is to employ the best qualified personnel, whilst providing equal opportunity for the advancement of employees and not to discriminate against any person because of any condition or requirement which cannot be shown to be justified. All applications are dealt with fairly and properly in line with our policies and procedures.

Applicants who are not citizens of an EU country and who do not otherwise have long-term permission to work or reside in France are at a disadvantage under local immigration law, in that a suitably qualified applicant who already complies with such legislation must be given priority.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Marymount does not discriminate or perpetuate negative stereotypes on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. Ensuring every individual’s full participation as a respected member of our community is a priority for Marymount, and we are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming work and school environment for all members of our staff, faculty, volunteers, families, and students.

Child Protection Policy

Ensuring the protection and welfare of children is the responsibility of all of us who interact with children and young people. Child protection must therefore be a priority for every school and must be at the core of all of its activities. As a result, Marymount has established a rigorous vetting process and code of conduct for all employees with regard to child protection.

Read our Child Protection Policy

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