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Elementary School

Grades 1 - 5 (approx. 7 - 11 years old)

Our Elementary School students study a wide range of subjects and learn respectful teamwork and individual responsibility. Through various activities, we help our students grow in academic discipline and essential life skills. We ensure that the rigour and relevance of our instruction is accompanied by the nurturing environment that each student needs in order to grow and develop in an international setting.

All teachers have additional responsibility for the personal, social, moral, emotional, spiritual and health education of our children. This dimension of education is not solely the preserve of one teacher and all members of our community contribute to our children’s development.

The Elementary School Curriculum is divided into subject areas in line with best practice. Students study English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Religion and French. Physical Education, Art and Music offer opportunities for children to develop physically and creatively and give a balance to our wider curriculum. Specialists who are experts in their fields deliver these subjects. Students in Grades 4 and 5 also take part in the Mind Body Health class in preparation for Middle School.


Marymount student, Teiva, has come first place in the Annual Paris Spelling Bee! After months of preparation, Teiva (grade 6) and Saachi (grade 5), proudly represented Marymount by competing at the 8th Annual Paris Spelling Bee Oral Final Round on Sunday, March 20th. The event, sponsored by Gifted in France, was held at the American Library in Paris. The challenging competition involved 21 students from over 14 different international schools across Paris and the surrounding suburbs. Students were demanded to prepare from a high-caliber vocabulary list of over 500 words, ranging from anachronism to peccadillo! Our students are to be commended for not only their rigorous study and preparation, but also the excellent concentration, patience and sportsmanship they displayed throughout the entire event. After an intense four hours of spelling, Teiva Jabbour captured first place in the competition.

Congratulations to both Teiva and Nirali for exemplifying the FALCONS spirit!

More information on the Paris Spelling Bee.

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"All men are created equal and have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Thomas Jefferson, the Declaration of Independence,
July 4, 1776

The fifth grade students gave portrayals as historical figures from the American Revolution, by writing and giving speeches detailing the background of the figure, their role in the American Revolution, as well as their take on what would have been the figure's argument for, or against, American independence. After diligently researching their historical figure, the students presented their speeches while wearing costumes similar to what their subject would have worn. Our students' time and effort are very evident in their final speeches, as well as their creativity. A sincere bravo to all of our students' performances!
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Friday was a huge success for Marymount at the annual Young Authors Fiction Festival at the American Library in Paris. The YAFF is a Paris-wide writing initiative that aims to strengthen the English-speaking community in the Paris area through the art and craft of storytelling. This year's competition was very fierce, as there were a record number of entries, however Marymount's students shined, with nine students placing in the competition, two of those achieving 1st place. We'd like to express our sincere congratulations to all of our students who participated! For more information about the YAFF 2015 please see:

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