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Gifted & Talented

In accordance with the school’s philosophy and mission that all may have life and have it to the full, our gifted and talented provision is aimed at fulfilling all the needs of individual students whether emotional, intellectual, creative or academic.

Research has shown that when the needs of the more able or gifted and talented are met appropriately, performance in the school as a whole will rise. These students will be provided with opportunities to reach their potential. We aim to give differentiated learning opportunities for everyone, providing for individual strengths and interests with a view to achieving standards underscored by equity and excellence.

Features designed to promote the respective learning needs of all Marymount students:

Gifted & Talented in Elementary School

  • Use of open-ended questions during discussion
  • Enrichment, for example through online activities for Math and individual projects
  • Acceleration, for example doing work from the next grade level up in specific areas
  • Differentiated literacy and math centers
  • Students given opportunities to practice and apply skills across disciplines
  • Problem solving with use of rubrics
  • Project work in social studies with opportunities for individual research
  • Research, speech writing and performance linked with historical figure of choice, comparison and synthesis of points of view with use of rubrics
  • Open-ended assignments, for example current events article and guided research followed by open-ended questions provide students with opportunities to refect and articulate their ideas
  • Opportunities given for individual research on a topic of student choice
  • Tasks individually adapted for highly able students, for example opportunities given for individual presentations on areas of expertise
  • Math competition
  • YAFF writing competition

Gifted & Talented in Middle School

  • Robotics Elective
  • Math Competition- 2 external math competitions at MS level. Math elective to prepare for one of these competitions
  • YAFF writing competition
  • Projects in math linked to real life
  • Shakespeare- offering scope to advanced learners: English
  • Choice of Electives- such as creative technology, Spanish at 2 levels, Latin
  • Model United Nations: offers many opportunities for higher order thinking, analysis and debate
  • RSHM project in 8th grade: offers motivated students a number of challenges
  • Language levels in French
  • Presentations at assemblies: offers students opportunities to research an area and present their findings
  • School Play
  • Online Science Quest
  • Explorations in Art” art elective for the Middle School. (This class offers deeper and more complex art opportunities to challenge students with multiple techniques for solving artistic problems. Drawing, painting, print making, sculpting and iPad art.)


On May 31st, grade 5 students Rafael, Saachi, and Noah represented Marymount International School, Paris at the second annual Interschool Primary Math Competition, and captured 2nd place
! Our students competed against students from the International School of Paris and École Internationale Bilingue - The Victor Hugo School. They worked together as a team to solve problems ranging from calculations and fractions, to logical reasoning and multi-step word problems. There was even a speed round and a hands-on problem solving activitiy that asked the students to construct a model using their knowledge of volume and shape!

Our students competed on stage with their classmates along while students from the other international schools watched them and attempted the problems themselves on whiteboards. This event pushed our students Math skills, as well as their personal develpment by encouraging them to perform in front of others.
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Over 400 stories (written in English) were submitted for this year's competition by children across schools in Paris, making this year the biggest festival thus far. With such fierce competition we are proud to announce that 4 students from Marymount International School, Paris won prizes this year!

Many parents attended
the 6th grade prize ceremony where full support was also given by the Marymount
teachers in attendance including Siobhan Berry, Fiona Arnoult, Anna Stadleman.

Prizes Awarded to Marymount students:

Grade 3

4th Prize, Maureen
for her story "Don't Fly. Swim!"

Grade 4

1st Prize, Maho
for her story "The Life Key" (click to read!)

2nd Prize, Naho
for her story "Madame Voiture" (click to read!)

Grade 5

2nd Prize, Saachi
for her story "The Legend of the Prickles" (click to read!)

4th Prize, Oscar
for his story "Secret of the Alps"

Grade 6

2nd Prize: Antoine
for his story, "Gus and the Mighty Thunderbolt"
Judges recap: "I laughed all the way through this hilarious story of a boy's unwilling acceptance of his demi-divine magical heritage. There are so many funny lines, it would be hard to quote them all."

4th prize, Caterina for her story "Fearless" (click to read!)
Judges recap: "Intelligent. Good pacing, authentic heroine, well structured story. "Her hair was as black as obsidian, here eyes were as blue as peacock feathers."

Honorable Mention, Laura for her story "The Defeater" (click to read!)
Judges recap: "This is a well-constructed and exciting adventure story that successfully combines action with humor.

Honorable Mention, Isabel for her story "HM The True Cost"
Judges recap: "Extremely dramatic and contemporary storytelling with strong finish.

Grade 7

1st prize, Nirali for her story "The Masterpiece" (click to read!)

3rd prize, Matteo for his story "Black and White" (click to read!)

4th place, Sofia for her story "The Plank" (click to read!)

Grade 8

4th place, Lachlan for his story "Introvert"

Check out more student writing on the Marymount Paris Authors blog:

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Marymount student, Teiva, has come first place in the Annual Paris Spelling Bee! After months of preparation, Teiva (grade 6) and Saachi (grade 5), proudly represented Marymount by competing at the 8th Annual Paris Spelling Bee Oral Final Round on Sunday, March 20th. The event, sponsored by Gifted in France, was held at the American Library in Paris. The challenging competition involved 21 students from over 14 different international schools across Paris and the surrounding suburbs. Students were demanded to prepare from a high-caliber vocabulary list of over 500 words, ranging from anachronism to peccadillo! Our students are to be commended for not only their rigorous study and preparation, but also the excellent concentration, patience and sportsmanship they displayed throughout the entire event. After an intense four hours of spelling, Teiva Jabbour captured first place in the competition.

Congratulations to both Teiva and Nirali for exemplifying the FALCONS spirit!

More information on the Paris Spelling Bee.

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For the third year in a row, six Marymount math students have been selected to compete in the 2016 ISMTF (International Schools Mathematics Teachers Foundation) Middle School Competition, hosted this year at the International School of Zug and Luzern. They will be accompanied by Middle School Coordinator and Math Teacher, Rory McCormick, and Curriculum Director, Adrian Scarlett.

The ISMTF is a nonprofit foundation whose purpose is to provide support in the enrichment of teaching and learning of mathematics at international schools, nurture exchange of experiences among mathematics educators, and to help generate interest in and enthusiasm for mathematics among students of these schools.

For more information:

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Marymount Paris traveled with twelve Model United Nations (MUN) delegates to the 4th Annual RSHM MUN Conference held from February 5th-7th in London. Over eighty students participated in the conference, including students from Marymount Rome and the American School of Paris. The delegates debated topics ranging from cyberterrorism to Kurdistan's claim for statehood, and Marymount Paris came away with four out of five Best Delegate Awards! We are very proud of our students, and students enjoyed their experience at the conference!

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Marymount students in grades 4, 5 and 6 braved the cold, rainy weather to participate in the 8th annual Paris Spelling Bee's Preliminary Written Round. This year marked the greatest representation of Marymount students that the Paris Spelling Bee has ever had, with 16 participating students. The event attracted over 86 students from over 37 schools in Paris and surrounding suburbs.

In preparation for this event, students received a study list of over 350 words. They worked diligently and independently to learn high-caliber words, ranging from anaphylactic to behemoth, and even astrophysicist! Several of the students then convened after school to exchange shortcuts, tricks and tips for remembering the words' spelling patterns and meanings.

Out of all the 86 competing students, only 20 were selected as finalists to compete in the Oral Finals of the Paris Spelling Bee, which will take place on March 20th. Marymount International is proud to announce that this year two of our own have advanced to the finals!

Marymount International congratulates of all of the participating students for their goal setting, hard work, and the vocabulary enrichment they have gained.

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Friday was a huge success for Marymount at the annual Young Authors Fiction Festival at the American Library in Paris. The YAFF is a Paris-wide writing initiative that aims to strengthen the English-speaking community in the Paris area through the art and craft of storytelling. This year's competition was very fierce, as there were a record number of entries, however Marymount's students shined, with nine students placing in the competition, two of those achieving 1st place. We'd like to express our sincere congratulations to all of our students who participated! For more information about the YAFF 2015 please see:

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Marymount was delighted to welcome NASA Administrator, Charlie Bolden, on the Marymount Campus as part of our annual International Week agenda.

Mr. Bolden gave students, staff and parents a presentation that covers his personal experiences growing up in the segregated south of the USA, and then rising to become both a General in the Marines and a Commander of a Space Shuttle.

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by Rory McCormick, Middle School Coordinator / Math Teacher

There have been many gifted and talented initiatives over the years under numerous pseudonyms. With so may different viewpoints and conflicting information available, it can be quite difficult to pinpoint what gifted and talented actually is.

This becomes more complicated when we look at how students are selected as "gifted". Children intellectually mature at different ages and it can be damaging to their self-esteem to label them as ungifted. The tests used to assess "giftedness" may not measure the student's overall intelligence but only their performance on that particular test. Conversely, some children whose self-worth is closely attached to the label of Gifted and Talented become afraid to take chances because they might be "found-out" not to be really gifted.

However, all educators believe in the existence of gifted and talented students and that it is essential that their needs are meet. Ensuring that there is adequate provision both inside and outside the regular classroom will meet the needs of students without having to label them. One of the initiatives that advocates for this practice is the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (Renzulli, 1977; Renzulli & Reis, 1985, 1997) which focusing on students being able to access material that will encourage and inspire them. It is also worth noting that models like this will benefit the entire school population and not just the gifted students.Middle School is a critical time in students' mathematical development and it is essential to make sure the curriculum is adapted to fulfill the needs of the more able.

Mathematically talented students need in-depth and expanded topics that emphasize higher order thinking skills, problem solving, and the application concepts in a variety of contexts. Otherwise there is a danger that students will become disaffected within the regular classroom.There are many ways to achieve this within the regular classroom, but differentiating lesson content to make sure that they are both accessible and also challenging is of utmost importance.

Making connections between textbook mathematics and how it is utilized in real life will also encourage the gifted student. Setting regular project work will give them the opportunity to take their learning to the next level and apply it to real life situations. Educational field trips linked to the curriculum can be used to provide students with an insight of how mathematics is used in different industries and professions and of course there are a wealth of websites can also be used to expand students' mathematical horizons.

Within the regular classroom we are still restricted by the need to complete a prescriptive curriculum and this can limit opportunities to inspire students and promote abstract thinking. Providing students with opportunities outside the regular classroom to explore their interests in mathematics will not only improve their ability in the subject, but will also encourage them to pursue careers in mathematical fields. This can be achieved through explanatories, after school activities and competing in mathematics and science competitions.The potential exists in every school for far more expertise in mathematics, and we must help students unlock their talents in this area.

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