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Our Philosophy

At Marymount we believe that education can only be truly “holistic” if it is rooted in a journey of faith and seeks to foster the growth of the “whole” child. This includes the spiritual and moral dimension as well as the physical and social dimensions. Marymount has a rich and proud tradition of excellence based on the RHSM's clear vision of educational excellence and belief that every child matters.

Learning at Marymount is carefully designed upon a clear vision of what we are trying to achieve. The curriculum is partly delivered through subject areas but “lessons” are only one aspect of our students’ learning experience. An ongoing process of evaluation and the use of reliable accountability measures are a crucial factor in Marymount’s success.

FALCONS Student Learner Outcomes

The expected school learning results (referred to at Marymount as the “FALCONS”) follow on from the RSHM Goals and Criteria and are the mechanisms through which we live out our vision. The first objective of the FALCONS is that children are “Faithful to the Goals and Criteria of the RHSM” which reinforces the fact that the RSHM Goals and Criteria guide us in all that we do at Marymount.

International Academic Standards

Within the context of our guiding statements our curriculum is a Standards-based one. Our Standards are from Project AERO (American Education Reaches Out) and are applicable for our Core Subjects of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies and our Specials; Music, Visual Arts and World Languages. In the case of Religion and Physical Education we have developed our own Standard-based frameworks in line with the mission and philosophy of our school.

AERO Standards are aligned with Common Core and reflect modern educational thinking.

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