Accreditation provides a systematic process that requires a school to ask why it exists, to establish a vision of its future and to determine objectives for reaching that vision. In addition, the process examines the entire school – its philosophy and goals, its community, its programs and services, facilities and financial stability. The accreditation process provides a means for accountability and acts as a public guarantee to the integrity of a school’s programs and ultimately, a student’s transcripts. A school community is assured that the school’s purposes are appropriate and are being accomplished through a viable educational program, which directly impacts student achievement and success. Results of the accreditation process contribute directly to the formulation of a 5-year Strategic Plan.

The Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Middle States Association (MSA) are two organizations that enjoy a unique ‘public trust’ in schools around the world. Marymount has been accredited since 2004 and is regularly subject to re-accreditation visits.

In 2015, the Council of International Schools awarded re-accreditation to Marymount International School Paris with immediate effect.

In reaching its decision, CIS took into account the Visiting Team’s commendations based on evidence of excellent and effective alignment with the standards for CIS accreditation. In granting the award of accreditation, CIS cited the following strengths:

  • the strong commitment of the Board and leadership team to the Guiding Statements
  • evidence that the Guiding Statements drive decision-making throughout the school
  • the positive climate of fairness and respect evident throughout the school
  • the implementation of a curriculum review cycle
  • the use of the culture and environment of the host country to provide students with authentic learning experiences
  • professional development opportunities which support school initiatives
  • the provision of common planning time for faculty collaboration
  • the care and support of students with complex learning difficulties
  • the range of health support provided through the school’s health office
  • implementation of an Advisory program for Middle School students; and the extensive co-curricular program

How does accreditation affect your child’s education?