The Board of Trustees of Marymount International School Paris has existed since 2001 when the sisters of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary officially established the school as an association (“Association loi 1901”) under French law. The Board’s function is similar to a committee overseeing a corporation, and it is responsible for setting policy, regulating the school’s financial health and selecting the Head of School. The Board is not responsible for daily management of the school, which is left in the capable hands of the Marymount International School Paris administration. However, the Board is highly involved in policy matters, both regulatory and strategic, and offers expertise that is perhaps not always present in a community of scholars, in areas such as law, construction, human resources, marketing, and finance.

As is commonplace in independent schools, Marymount’s board is self-perpetuating and Members select their peers. Criteria include diversity of talent and background, willingness to serve and perform the duties required, prior efforts on behalf of Marymount and compliance with the Board’s bylaws. The Board strives to maintain diversity of talent, background, and stage of life, while holding in common a devotion to Marymount through hard work and generosity.

The full Board meets three times a year and is presently composed of 14 members.

In addition, the Board operates through a series of standing committees (Finance, Strategic Planning & Education, Development & Communications), and ad-hoc committees are appointed for particular needs. Each Board member serves on at least one committee. Each committee meets at least three times a year, though most meet more frequently. Most committees are made up of directors, administration members, or parents.

Board of Trustees

  • Mr. David Newman, Chairman of the Board of Trustees
  • Sr. Catherine Patten, RSHM, Membre de droit
  • Mrs. Cindy Sverrisson, Treasurer
  • Mr. Barry Eiswerth
  • Mr. Joseph Aragonès
  • Mr. Paul Hykin
  • Mr. Daniel Hian Cheong
  • Sr. Margaret Morrissey, RSHM
  • Sr. Michaeline O’Dwyer, RSHM
  • Sr. Mary Jo Martin, RSHM
  • Mr. Ousmane Kourouma
  • Mrs. Stephanie Bennett
  • Dr. Lesley Stagg
  • Mr. Marco Blanco