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Professional Learning

At the heart of our Professional Learning Community is the dialogue that we engage in with each other, with our students and parents, and with the wider international community. All our teachers are driven by a personal responsibility to keep their knowledge and skills current so that they can deliver the high quality of teaching necessary to meet the needs of our students. But we firmly believe that professional development should be engaging and fun, and above all, a team effort.

At Marymount, we work together to assess what we are learning, seek out new ways of teaching and apply our knowledge in the classroom. Groups of faculty regularly attend leading international teaching conferences across the globe and we run dedicated professional development days throughout the school year, right here on campus. Our Learning Leadership platform is a new initiative designed to render educational thought leadership – written by professionals for professionals and parents alike – readily accessible, to equip us all with the thoughtful insight we need as we continue on the crucial mission of educating our children together.

Marymount’s Professional Training Goals for 2016-2017

The following 4 areas were selected by the school administration to foster professional development for teaching and non-teaching employees.

Marymount employees are encouraged to find ways to learn more about the listed 4 categories.

  1. Differentiation: To ensure that all learners have access to the Marymount Curriculum and achieve personal excellence. (Faculty)
  2. Informational Technology: To ensure the integration of Information Technology, Digital Literacies and Media Literacies as tools for learning and efficiency across the whole school community and in all roles. (Faculty and non-Faculty)
  3. Service Learning: To ensure that the Marymount Mission is truly understood and acted upon through service learning opportunities imbedded in all curriculum areas. (Faculty)
  4. Internationalism: To ensure those opportunities for exploring global literacies and international issues are imbedded in the curriculum and that all community members are encouraged to participate in these events. (Faculty and non – Faculty).

These areas will support the 2016-2021 Strategic Plan which every employee is responsible to implement.

Professional Development Conferences

Teacher training and professional development conferences offer the latest in content, teaching strategy, and research to enhance and expand the professional growth of our teaching staff. We encourage faculty to take advantage of these unique opportunities to collaborate with education leaders and your peers.

In addition, Marymount International School, Paris hosts an annual ‘Job Alike’ meeting. This yearly meeting and include sstaff from other schools in the RSHM Global Network as well as local, Paris-based international schools.

To continuously support the development and professional satisfaction of our dedicated faculty, the follow professional development opportunities have recently been afforded:


Marymount kicked off the school year with an inspirational two-day training for our faculty and staff with Educational Consultant, Dr. Fran Prolman.

With her can-do attitude, Dr. Prolman was an inspiring speaker that motivated and encouraged our faculty and staff to start the school year off with a fresh start and high energy! A big thank you to Dr. Prolman for the wonderful presentation and workshop, and we hope to see you again in the future.

About Dr. Fran Prolman
Dr. Fran Prolman is an internally recognized consultant specializing in educational leadership, school improvement, and instructional strategies as well as communication skills, critical thinking, and organizational development. Dr. Prolman brings 30 years of educational experiences as a teacher, staff developer, administrator, graduate level university instructor, and published author. Over the last fifteen years, she has made numerous presentations at state, national, and international conferences on topics such as mentoring beginning teachers, curriculum design, instructional strategies that enhance student achievement, how to build professional learning communities, assessing school culture, and administrative observation and coaching skills.

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Last week Ms Miller and Mrs Le Gall, Marymount Pre-K 1 and Pre-K 2 teachers, spent the week attending a conference in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Reggio Emilia is an extremely important place in the field of education.

The educators at Reggio have been developing and refining their educational approach for over sixty years. The very first school was established after World War Two out of a desire to create a new approach to teaching and learning. The focus in this special school was upon allowing children to become independent, creative, and to think for themselves.There are now 78 municipal preschools and infant toddler centres in Reggio Emilia, and their approach is an inspiration to educators around the world. The Reggio approach is one that values listening, respect, dialogue, reflection, democracy and self-expression.

During this special week, participants attended a wide range of interesting lectures, workshops and most importantly- visits to the special Reggio Preschools. It has been an amazing week, filled with encounters and shared experiences with educators from all over the world.

« If we believe that children possess their own theories, interpretations and questions, and that they are co-protagonists in their knowledge-building processes, then the most important verb in educational practice is no longer to talk, to explain, to transmit, but to listen. »
-Carlina Rinaldi (1998)

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Spring 2015

Mollie Cura, an international literacy consultant, launched a mini-Writing Workshop for our teachers from Grades 1 through 8.

Mollie studied at Columbia University and worked closely with Lucy Calkins at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. She has traveled around the world to many schools to support the implementation of Balanced Literacy models in Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade classrooms. Marymount's first on-site professional development for reading and writing will offer teachers a chance to work with Mollie in their classrooms as she models lessons for different grade levels, observes teachers while providing feedback, and have follow-up discussion to analyze student work and mentor texts. She will also hold small group sessions for a writing workshop "crash-course." We look forward to sharing our knowledge with one another and discovering more about the workshop model, as well as learn from Mollie's expertise. Knowledge of literacy is empowerment for us all and furthering our professionalism will lead students to higher levels of learning and a love of literature.

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