Marymount School of Paris is registered as an Association Loi 1901, a non-profit, Catholic, private school and is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Association bylaws require that at least a third of Board members be representatives of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary (RSHM).  The RSHM Provincial is the membre de droit of the Board in accordance with the Association Bylaws.

Membership on the Board is by invitation. Chosen through a rigorous selection process, Board members have diverse backgrounds. Current Board members have experience in education, finance, treasury, M&A, law, supply chain, IT, and architecture, providing the appropriate range of expertise for the strategic development of the school. Board members share an unwavering commitment to the RSHM Global Network mission to foster the gift of global perspective and transform the world through education. 

RSHM Board members serve on several Marymount school boards in Paris, London, Rome, New York and Los Angeles, enabling the schools to benefit from best practices and align international educational strategy across the Global Network of RSHM Schools.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for setting policy, financial stewardship, risk management, health & safety, accreditation, ensuring the school stays faithful to the RSHM educational mission, and the appointment of the Head of School. The Board is not responsible for daily operations or management, which is the remit of the school's leadership team.

Standing board committees (Finance, Development, Education, Foundational Values) meet when necessary and generally prior to each board meeting. Ad hoc committees as formed as appropriate. Each Board member serves on at least one committee. Members of the Marymount School Association serve on committees but are not voting Board members. The Head of School attends Board meetings, as do other senior leaders (by invitation) to make presentations on their specialist areas or to participate in the work of the committees.


Board of Trustees

Catherine Patten, RSHM - Membre de droit
David Newman - Chairman
Cindy Cario - Treasurer
Michaeline O’Dwyer, RSHM
Margaret Morrissey, RSHM
Mary Jo Martin, RSHM 
Marie-France Correau, RSHM
Joseph Aragones 
Marco Blanco 
Barry Eiswerth
Daniel Hian Cheong
Paul Hykin
Mayri Voute

Members of the Association

Audrey Chapuis
Bertrand Thimonier 
David Willows 
Manuel Orillac
Martina Crowley, RSHM
Rosamond Blanchet, RSHM
Guido Van Hauwermeiren
Bernadette Kenny, RSHM



Marymount International School Paris
72 boulevard de la Saussaye
92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine