Pere GailhacFor 95 years, Marymount has been committed to educating the hearts and minds of its students

In 1849 Father Jean Gailhac founded an order of Sisters, the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, in Béziers in the south of France. The objective, considered a progressive idea at the time, was the education of young women.

When Marymount College was opened in Tarrytown, New York in 1908, the founder's vision was to educate from an international perspective and Marymount Paris was founded in 1923 as a study abroad extension program.

In 1930, Marymount became a French school and followed a French curriculum up until about 1972. In response to a growing demand for an English-speaking international school, Marymount took its current form serving students from age 4 to 14.

Today, Marymount offers a curriculum to students aged 2–14 years old from all cultures, backgrounds and religions.

We are a small school of just under 400 students. We are active members of the Global Network of RSHM Schools. Today our students continue to share the home of RSHM sisters whose intellectual and spiritual experience provides students with an invaluable source of inspiration and well-being. To ensure the continuation of our founders’ mission and vision, the sisters accompany select faculty and staff members to Béziers each year to be immersed in the history and ongoing ministry of the RSHM.

Since 2001 the School has been registered as a French ‘Association 1901’ and run under the direction of a Board of Trustees comprised of parents, alumni, members of the RSHM, and other educational leaders.


“It is essential to study the children with their own intellectual and moral faculties, temperaments, characters, inclinations and habits so we can know what is important for each one.” Père Gailhac, Founder of the RSHM


RSHM Goals & Criteria for Schools

From its very foundation, the RSHM has engaged in the ministry of education in the fulfilment of it's mission: "To know and love God, to make God known and loved, to proclaim that Jesus Christ has come in order that all may have life." (RSHM Constitutions #7)

This mission manifests itself in the Goals and Criteria to which every RSHM educational institution is committed:

Goal 1: To foster a personal relationship with God.


As a school community:

1. We make God known and loved through Christian living rooted in Gospel values.

2. We welcome and respect the diverse religions of the world.

3. We empower each individual to understand, live and bear witness to her or his faith, in a respectful awareness of others beliefs.

4. We promote personal and communal prayer and reflection through liturgies, multi-faith services and retreats.

5. We encourage sacramental preparation and active participation in worship.

6. We explore in our religious education program the relationship of humanity to God, through the study of Scriptures, history, traditions, theology, spirituality and ethical system.

7. We participate in the life of the local Catholic church and pursue positive relationships with the wider community.

Goal 2: To create unity through diversity.


As a school community:

1. We create an atmosphere of respect, forgiveness, openness and joy.

2. We cherish each of our members and are sensitive to the diverse talents, abilities and needs of each one.

3. We nurture positive and co-operative working relationships among and between students, parents, administration, faculty and staff.

4. We celebrate and share our diverse cultures and national traditions to enhance international understanding.

5. We foster an appreciation for the culture and customs of the country in which we live.

6. We maintain positive relationships with other schools and educational organizations.

Goal 3: To instill a life-long love of learning.


As a school community:

1. We provide an educational program of the highest standard that recognizes and develops each individual's potential in a stimulating environment.

2. We ensure balanced intellectual growth through an integrated curriculum.

3. We educate our students to communicate clearly, live cooperatively and function effectively in a global and technological society.

4. We develop an informed awareness of beauty in the universe.

5. We enable students to study and research independently, to think critically, to reflect wisely and to have informed opinions.

6. We maintain a high level of professional development.

Goal 4: To encourage and affirm personal growth.


As a school community:

1. We are dedicated to the harmonious growth of the whole person through each individual's physical, emotional, intellectual, social, moral and spiritual development.

2. We conduct our relationships according to the principles of honesty, compassion, truthfulness.

3. We promote a high standard of self-discipline and instill a deep sense of personal responsibility.

4. We provide opportunities to develop skills for effective decision making and leadership.

5. We cultivate growth in self-knowledge and self-esteem.

6. We encourage appropriate independent action and effective participation in the community.

7. We promote a positive and responsible attitude toward physical and mental well-being.

Goal 5: To awaken a consciousness of social justice.


As a school community:

1. We respect the sacredness of life and recognize the kinship of all people as God's children.

2. We integrate social justice and human rights issues into the curriculum.

3. We actively and compassionately respond to the needs of others, especially the powerless, the deprived and the marginalized.

4. We are committed to an active social service program.

5. We promote awareness of the interdependence and unity of all life.

Goal 6: To fulfill the mission of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary "That all may have life."


As a school community:

1. We share the spirituality, history, and traditions of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary and their Founders.

2. We are attentive to living the distinctive spirit of the RSHM mission, "That all may have life".

3. We foster and sustain the RSHM spirit through programs in the formation of others for partnership and leadership within the school, a Catholic school, in a multi-faith setting.

4. We continue our partnership with the RSHM ministries in Africa, and support others needs identified by the General Chapter of the Institute.

5. We participate in the network of RSHM schools throughout the world.

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MARYMOUNT FALCONS - Student Learning Outcomes

The expected school learning results (referred to at Marymount as the "FALCONS"), follow on from the RSHM Goals and Criteria and are the mechanisms through which we live out our vision. The first objective of the FALCONS is that children are "Faithful to the Goals and Criteria of the RHSM" which reinforces the fact that the RSHM Goals and Criteria guide us in all that we do at Marymount.

Faithful to...
• The Goals and Criteria of the RSHM.
• The belief that every individual can and should make a difference.

Adaptable Members who...
• Are life-long learners.
• Take risks, to imagine, and to innovate.
• Interact with the world around them.
• Demonstrate leadership through collaboration and teamwork.
• Adopt a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.
• Are resilient, flexible, self-motivated learners.
• Problem solvers, negotiators and collaborators.

Literate Leaders who...
• Communicate articulately through reading, writing, speaking, listening, and artistic expression.
• Can analyze information to create new knowledge and develop understandings.
• Use information and communication technologies effectively.

Conscientious Global Citizens who...

• Act with the past and the future in mind.
• Embrace diversity with compassion, empathy, and acceptance of others.
• Respect and support family and community.
• Engage responsibly in the world's problems.
• Protect and advocate for local and global environments.

Objective Individuals who...
• View the world as a whole without prejudice.
• See learning as life long endeavor.

Nurturing People who...

• Demonstrate citizenship and generosity through authentic community service activities.
• Demonstrate integrity and honesty to themselves and others in words and actions.

Skilled Inquirers who...
• Apply content knowledge and skills to authentic situations and broader systems.
• Strive for academic excellence.
• Reason soundly and critically.
• Explore other languages and cultures.

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