Strategic Plan 2016-2021

The 2016–2021 Strategic Plan defines the priorities and specific objectives the school will pursue over the next five years in order to strengthen and support its commitment to educational excellence and secure its long-term future.

Our Vision

To be a welcoming international community with a dynamic learning culture committed to excellence in all aspects of life.

Our Mission

As a Catholic school embracing diversity, and in the spirit of our RSHM Mission “that all may have life” our school community is committed to the education of every student so that they may think creatively, reason critically, communicate effectively, and learn continuously.


In the spirit and tradition of the RSHM, inspire and empower all students so that they realize their potential in the global community.


  • Examine global issues in an intelligent and critical way, and identify the connections between these issues and their learning.
  • Learn how to become leaders in serving their community.
  • Think creatively, reason critically, and communicate effectively, to challenge and shape their world.

Educational Excellence

Sustain and enhance a high quality education.


  • Recruit, develop and retain high quality, appropriately trained educators.
  • Continue to develop a high quality, 21st century curriculum, that inspires and meets the needs of all students.
  • Provide for each student’s total growth.

Services & Resources

Establish physical resources and build service-oriented support teams in order to sustain the required educational delivery and support systems.


  • Instill a service culture across all support teams.
  • Establish clear and streamlined policies and procedures across every service.
  • Leverage cutting edge, cost-effective technology to support the whole school.
  • Create a positive work and learning environment for the entire community.
  • Provide the physical resources and environment necessary to deliver educational excellence.

Continuity & Viability

Safeguard the perennity of the school, and provide the leadership and means to deliver on our mission.


  • Preserve Marymount’s identity & culture, and leverage this to promote and enhance our reputation for excellence in international education.
  • Anticipate and adapt to the changing drivers affecting the development of the school.
  • Streamline processes to ensure stable and effective school governance and administration.
  • Ensure the wise allocation of resources.
  • Realize the full potential of Marymount being part of the RSHM Network.