Activities: Early Learners

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Choose a story for the day.
The books are best read on an iPad but other devices will work too.
Let's get reading - either by yourself or with someone in your family!
After your story, you can film a video book review with the device of your choice and send it to us here.

  • Visit the Judo, Ballet, Yoga and Wellbeing, Joli Coeurs sections to discover what awaits!

Before you start any physical activity, be sure your parent or an adult has helped you prepare the area so there are no slippery floors or edges with sharp corners so you can move safely.


Afternoon nap or quiet rest time
Field trips, science experiments, magic tricks and more!

  • Take a look at the selection of activities for today (see options below)
  • Choose the one that is right for you.
  • Follow the instructions and enjoy!
  • If you would like to share your creation:
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Bedtime Reading
  • Enjoy a great story before a good night’s sleep. Here’s a selection of videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books with lovely illustrations



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