Activities: Middle

Daily Schedule


Choose book from Audible or on Project Gutenberg

Get started on a great story!

After you’ve read your book, you can film a video book review with the device of your choice and send it to us here.

Dedicate each morning for a bit of school work: complete projects, polish up essays, catch up on French, general revision.

Your work is a reflection of you, so be sure to try your best.

Work at the pace that is right for you.
Your teachers will give you feedback after the Easter vacation.


Field trips, science experiments, magic tricks and more!

Take a look at the selection of activities for today (see options below). Choose the one that is right for you, Follow the instructions and enjoy!

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Visit the Yoga and Wellbeing section to discover what awaits!

Before you start any physical activity, be sure your parent or an adult has helped you prepare the area so there are no slippery floors or edges with sharp corners so you can move safely.


After a busy day, it is a nice habit to reflect on your day and write in a journal. You can also let your creativity run free and write a short story using the suggested writing prompts (see options below).

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