Marymount Camp

The camps are organized by Marymount International School Paris, a school located in Neuilly-sur-Seine, and which follows the American system. Our camps benefit from all the facilities and equipment made available to our students throughout the school year. Everything at Marymount is in English, from our computers to the sign-posting throughout the school, and the way we work and teach. Every day, from the very heart of Neuilly, participants will feel as though they are in a foreign country.

The aim of these camps is to enable children, whatever their age, to practice English all day, and to be immersed in American culture during the classes, lunches, breaks and recesses.

Every day starts at 8:30 am and ends at 3:30 pm, after which students can also attend our “after camp” until 6 pm, where they will be offered computer and sports activities. Participants can enjoy an American lunch thanks to our catering service, and those who prefer to can also bring their own picnic lunch.

Next Camp Dates:

  • Winter Camp: 25 February 2019 – 1 March 2019
  • Spring Camp: 29 April 2019 – 3 May 2019

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Language Camp (English lessons)

Elementary School Level
3 to 11 years old

The goal is to help students learn a new foreign language. Our method is twofold: on one hand, the focus on the English language, and on the other hand, the discovery of a different culture and another way of life. These classes are designed to instill in the children the desire to improve their knowledge of English.

All participants, regardless of their age, use English during the different activities we offer. Each day includes two hours of English, taught in a fun and entertaining way to help students understand that languages are something that can be lived. There are also many activities:

  • One hour per child on a computer and/or iPad, with games adapted to their age and level to help them learn new vocabulary.
  • One hour of sport, during which participants will learn situational vocabulary and sports terminology.
  • One hour of art, during which participants will learn colors, shapes, textures, etc.

Children will also be offered drama and singing workshops to work on their oral expression and self confidence.

All courses are taught by the teacher in charge of the class, excepting sports classes which are run by a sport and physical education specialist. Similarly, three facilitators will assist students as they work in the computer lab or on iPads.

Children are put into groups according to their age and level. Each teacher is in charge of about fifteen pupils.

The topic this year for elementary students is the UNITED STATES. Students will discover its history, geography, songs and dances.

High School Level
12 to 17 years old (6ème - 1er)

Each day is divided in two halves: half a day of classes and half a day of more fun-filled activities.

Morning 9 am – 1:30 pm
We offer English lessons adapted to the level and age of the students, using both traditional methods (vocabulary, grammar, comprehension), and more interactive methods: games, role playing and improvisational games.

Participants will also use our computer labs to do research on the Internet to give presentations to their classmates. Our goal is to create a group dynamic which fosters communication in English throughout the day.
Participants are put into groups according to their age and level (maximum of 16 participants per group); an oral test will be carried out on the first day in order to set up homogeneous groups.

Afternoon 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Activities are designed to enable students to practice English in a fun and interactive environment. Participants can choose from a range of activities, but will not be able to change in the course the week, to ensure adequate follow-up.

  • Sport: baseball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey
  • Art: painting and sculpture
  • Intensive English classes: to go over any issues covered during the French school year (grammar and written expression)
  • Computers: creating an iMovie

Sports Camp (American sports)

7 to 6 years old

Sport plays a very important part in American education. Our school is fortunate to possess its own sports facilities: two gymnasiums and a fitness room. We can also use the outdoor installations of the city of Neuilly-sur-Seine: the Montclair stadium and the swimming pool.

Participants will be brought into contact with another sports culture which promotes the values of doing your best, of effort, of fair-play and competition. The youngsters will be put in groups based on their age and/or their sporting level so they can progress at their own pace.

The activities offered are all traditional American sports: baseball, softball, American football or other sports practiced in the U.S.: volleyball, basketball, soccer and swimming. Our athletes will also be introduced to typically American non-codified games, and to “crazy games”. The Sports Camp differs from the Language Camp through its more entertaining and less academic approach, but English remains the main language throughout the camp. Students will be coached by American sports teachers and coaches.

Musical Camp

9 to 16 years old

Andy Guthrie is American. He was the Musical Director of the Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Manhattan, of Tulene University in the United States, and is currently working at the Conservatoire Frederic Chopin in Paris. Andy also composes soundtracks for films, and has recorded several pop albums.

Students who choose the Musical Camp will have the privilege of working with him.

Thanks to all our instruments and iPads, along with our computer lab and auditorium, children will have fun and learn to sing in English. On Friday afternoon, they will perform their show in the auditorium. At the end of the camp, participants will also receive a DVD of their performance as a souvenir.

Art Camp (Learn to draw like the masters)

9 to 16 years old

The goal of this camp is to study the life and art of artists and to learn to work and create like them. Each day, students will discuss a different aspect of an artist's work.

  • On Monday, after viewing a Power-Point presentation on the life and work of the artist, our students will be given all necessary supplies to begin their learning. The day will continue with the study of of the artist's different works of art.
  • On Tuesday, start of individual artistic work.
  • On Wednesday, students will spend the day at a museum in Paris to study the artist's work. We will have lunch in the museum gardens.
  • On Thursday, finish their art projects.
  • On Friday, students will work on a poster of their visit to the museum and prepare an exhibition for the other camp students, and for their parents.

FabLab Camp

9 - 16 years old

Whether today's students go on to be astronauts, artists, engineers, scientists or presidents, we know that the challenges their generation faces will demand creative and innovative solutions. A FabLab is a place for invention, creation, discovery and sharing, a space of inquiry. FabLab Maker Space is a world wide growing network of educational digital fabrication labs, that emerged from MIT’s Center for Bits & Atoms Fab Lab Program. FabLabs put cutting-edge technology for design and construction – such as electronics, 3D printers, laser cutters and robotics – into the hands of primary and high school students.

We teach students the basics of programming and robotics in our new FabLab. The students will be working with 3D printers and other magical machines.