Parent-Teacher Organization

Marymount has a wonderful and very active Parent Teacher Organization ('PTO'). Throughout the year we plan and host events for students, teachers and parents. Engagement in the Marymount community provides ample opportunity to network and find support for parents settling into their new life in Paris. Parents are active on campus and tend to find a second home here, within our community.

Marymount's PTO consists of an elected body of officers. The PTO has formal by-laws and its main responsibility is to actively support the student learning and the mission of the school. Elections for positions of responsibility on the PTO are held annually and the PTO meets formally with the Leadership Team at the beginning of each school year.

Homeroom Parents

A Homeroom Parent works with their respective homeroom teachers to coordinate and organize class events with the help of parent volunteers in the same class. Being a homeroom parent is a great way to get more involved in your child’s class, to see your children in their class environment and to get to know the teachers and other parents. It is an important role as you serve as a point person for parents in a particular class to help them navigate class activity, engage in parent-related opportunities and connect them to the PTO. Homeroom parents are a particularly important resource for incoming families throughout the year who need to get up to speed quickly and will appreciate the guidance of the parent of one of their child’s peers.