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"THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE is the most prestigious internationally recognized award in the world. Its recipients are extraordinary individuals, each of whom has had a significant and positive impact on our world today – in many instances they have changed it at great personal risk and sacrifice affecting untold lives in the process. Yet, at a time in our history when we need their voices most, the citizens of the world, especially youth, know precious little about them. This book, featuring the gripping stories of some of the latest Nobel Peace Laureates, seeks to change that."

-Livia Malcangio, Author of Being Nobel


Marymount International School Paris is proud to partner with the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates to publish an exclusive special edition for Marymount Paris students to mark the RSHM Student Leadership Retreat 2020. This unique version of Being Nobel features three Nobel Peace Laureates who have been carefully selected for young RSHM students to serve as inspiration as they embark on a two-day conference about the importance of global cooperation.

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The author of the book “Being Nobel” is Livia Malcangio, an Italian journalist who has been working for the Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates for over 20 years.

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“Every generation must walk its own journey but it is necessary to see the footsteps of those who have walked with dignity, wisdom, success, and virtue before us. Young people must be heard no doubt, but they must also be given meaningful information and not just superficiality and entertainment.”
Livia Malcangio



“This book, Being Nobel by Livia Malcangio, enables readers to learn more about recent Nobel Laureates, most of them still living, and each of whom has the potential to make some positive contributions to society. Each of their stories vividly shows how an individual can make a difference. Positive change in the world occurs because of the combined efforts of individuals and it is something in which we can all take part

His Holiness The Dalai Lama



“Being Nobel – Nobel Peace Laureates and the Courageous Pursuit of Peace” is distributed to all participating students prior to their arrival at the Summit and at the Summit. Through an exploration of the champions of humanity included in the book, we hope students – and readers in general – will become familiar with the struggle for human rights. Ultimately, we hope youngsters will begin to rise up for their rights and defend the rights of others.”

Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia from 2010 to 2018. sole recipient of the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize