A truly international education (in what we think is the world's most beautiful city)

We draw on the expert knowledge of our highly-qualified teaching team to make sure our young people thrive. We set high expectations for each child in our care and provide the extra challenge or support for those who need it. Our curriculum maps show how engaging units of study promote a truly international education.

Curriculum Maps

Goals & Criteria for the Global Network of RSHM Schools

Our Pre-School Nursery

Children in the pre-school/nursery class follow their own curriculum (Merlins - age 2-3)

The Early Years

Pre-Kindergarten 1 (age 3-4)

Pre-Kindergarten 2 (age 4-5)

Kindergarten (age 5-6)

The Elementary School

Grade 1 (age 6-7)

Grade 2 (age 7-8)

Grade 3 (age 8-9)

Grade 4 (age 9-10)

Grade 5 (age 10-11)

The Middle School

Grade 6 (age 11-12)

Grade 7 (age 12-13)

Grade 8 (age 13-14)