Digital Learning

Students can expect technology to play a regular and routine role in their learning at Marymount. Marymount teachers strive to use technology as a learning tool to make learning fun, exciting and engaging for you child! Whether they are using iPads to create digital art, Macbooks to narrate and present digital stories or interactive whiteboards to explore mathematical concepts, students will use technology to gather, analyze, interpret and synthesize information, present it in a professional manner and finally, to understand the effects of technology development and use on social, ethical and human issues.

Technology Resources

Technology at Marymount is used as a tool to support learning in all subjects with over 100 iPads, 3 carts of laptops, a 1:1 MacBook program in Middle School and many interactive whiteboards. This increasing technology provision is supported by two dedicated Technology Integrationists, who are at hand to guide teachers and support them in their use of technology in the classroom with their students.

In addition to in classroom use we have a bookable room next to the library which can be used by teachers. This room is near a Macbook and iPad cart, and is equipped with a projector and Apple TV. It also serves as a base for our two technology integrationists.

Elementary school students will use iPads and Laptops from carts. Middle School Students will also be issued with a 13 inch MacBook Air notebook computer. Middle School students are expected to provide both their own backpack with a protective laptop compartment and also a separate protective sleeve.

In addition, Marymount is proud to be the first international school in France to have a dedicated 'FabLab', a digital fabrication laboratory, on our school campus! You can read more about the FabLab below.

Marymount FabLab

Whether today's students go on to be astronauts, artists, engineers, scientists or presidents, we know that the challenges their generation faces will demand creative and innovative solutions. Our school is dedicated to providing the best tools to our students, and Marymount is proud to be the first international school in France to have a dedicated 'FabLab' on our school campus!

What is a FabLab?
A FabLab is a digital fabrication laboratory, and is a place for invention, creation, discovery and sharing, a space of inquiry. FabLab Maker Space is a world wide growing network of educational digital fabrication labs, that emerged from MIT’s Center for Bits & Atoms Fab Lab Program. FabLabs put cutting-edge technology for design and construction – such as electronics, 3D printers, laser cutters and robotics – into the hands of our students.

Learn More about the Marymount FabLab

Technology Integrationists

Marymount International School Paris is committed to nurturing active learners and critical thinkers and acknowledges the role that educational technology has to play in this endeavor. As such our school invests in the hardware, software and infrastructure, but also the experienced professional educators needed to support this process. In particular the Technology Integration Specialists, sometimes abbreviated to ‘integrationists’, demonstrate and model visionary leadership in the areas of:

  • Teaching Learning and Assessments. Support teachers in using technology for effective instruction, differentiation and assessment.
  • Digital Age Learning Environments. Create, develop and maintain engaging online learning resources.
  • Professional Development and Program Evaluation. Provide appropriate PD opportunities and analyze their effectiveness.
  • Digital Citizenship. Model, demonstrate and support a culture of digital citizenship.
  • Content Knowledge and Professional Growth. Continuously develop their knowledge skills and understanding in content, pedagogy and educational technology.

At Marymount we are now fortunate enough to benefit from two dedicated Technology Integration Specialists:

Mme. Leigh Ardrit, with Middle School focus, based in the FabLab.

Mrs. Ingrid Kay, with Elementary School focus, based in the IT Suite.

While their primary role is in the integration of technology into teaching practice and student learning they also play an important role in helping lead and support our exciting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math), FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory), One to One MacBook & iPad initiatives.

ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Standards

ISTE Standards at Marymount International School, Paris

Marymount International School Paris believes that educational technology has the power to enhance understanding, creativity and collaboration in both teaching and learning and the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) standards provide clear guidelines for educators on how to use technology effectively to support best pedagogical practices. The ISTE standards are complementary to the AERO (American Education Reaches Out) and the US Common Core State Standards and provide a framework for teachers, administrators and technology staff to provide the best educational technology experience possible for our students and for our community as a whole. The ISTE standards for students have been refreshed collaboratively by leading international educators over the summer of 2016 and so are particularly relevant in a fast changing global context.