FALCONS Learner Outcomes

The FALCONS Students Learner Outcomes follow on from the RSHM Goals and Criteria and are the mechanisms through which we live out our vision.

FALCONS Student Learner Outcomes

Faithful to...

• The belief that every individual can and should make a difference.

Adaptable members who...

• Are life-long learners.
• Take risks, to imagine, and to innovate.
• Interact with the world around them.
• Demonstrate leadership through collaboration and teamwork.
• Adopt a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.
• Are resilient, flexible, self-motivated learners.
• Problem solvers, negotiators and collaborators.

Literate leaders who...

• Communicate articulately through reading, writing, speaking, listening, and artistic expression.
• Can analyze information to create new knowledge and develop understandings.
• Use information and communication technologies effectively.

Conscientious global citizens who...

• Act with the past and the future in mind.
• Embrace diversity with compassion, empathy, and acceptance of others.
• Respect and support family and community.
• Engage responsibly in the world's problems.
• Protect and advocate for local and global environments.

Objective individuals who...

• View the world as a whole without prejudice.
• See learning as life long endeavor.

Nurturing people who...

• Demonstrate citizenship and generosity through authentic community service activities.
• Demonstrate integrity and honesty to themselves and others in words and actions.

Skilled inquirers who...

• Apply content knowledge and skills to authentic situations and broader systems.
• Strive for academic excellence.
• Reason soundly and critically.
• Explore other languages and cultures.