Gifted & Talented

In accordance with the school’s philosophy and mission that all may have life and have it to the full, our approach for gifted and talented students is aimed at fulfilling their needs whether emotional, intellectual, creative, or academic.

Research has shown that when the needs of the more able or gifted and talented are met appropriately, performance in the school as a whole will rise. We aim to give differentiated learning opportunities for everyone, providing for individual strengths and interests with a view to achieving standards underscored by equity and excellence.

Features designed to promote the respective learning needs of all Marymount students include:

Gifted & Talented Features in Elementary School

  • Use of open-ended questions during discussion
  • Enrichment, for example through online activities for Math and individual projects
  • Acceleration, for example doing work from the next grade level up in specific areas
  • Differentiated literacy and math centers
  • Classes and projects in the Marymount FabLab
  • Students given opportunities to practice and apply skills across disciplines
  • Problem solving with use of rubrics
  • Project work in social studies with opportunities for individual research
  • Research, speech writing and performance linked with historical figure of choice, comparison and synthesis of points of view with use of rubrics
  • Open-ended assignments, for example current events article and guided research followed by open-ended questions provide students with opportunities to refect and articulate their ideas
  • Opportunities given for individual research on a topic of student choice
  • Tasks individually adapted for highly able students, for example opportunities given for individual presentations on areas of expertise
  • Math competition
  • YAFF writing competition

Gifted & Talented Features in Middle School

  • Math Competition- 2 external math competitions at MS level. Math elective to prepare for one of these competitions
  • YAFF writing competition
  • Projects in math linked to real life
  • Shakespeare- offering scope to advanced learners: English
  • Electives courses offering a wide variety of subjects, such as: FabLab, Explorations in Art, and more
  • Model United Nations: offers many opportunities for higher order thinking, analysis and debate
  • RSHM Heritage project: offers motivated students a number of challenges
  • Presentations at assemblies: offers students opportunities to research an area and present their findings
  • School Play

Our Partners in the Gifted & Talented Program

Potential Plus UK

Potential Plus US is independent organization supporting children with high learning potential and their families. For 50 years Potential Plus UK (formerly the National Association for Gifted Children, NAGC) has been helping high learning potential children. Marymount is proud to be an associate member with Potential Plus UK, and works with this organization to provide resources and support to our G&T students and their families, as well as appropriate professional development for our faculty concerning Gifted & Talented topics.

Learn more about Potential Plus UK on their website:


NACE, the National Association for Able Children in Education, is recognised both nationally (United Kingdom) and internationally as a leading charity in the field of education for able learners. With a large network of educators, passionate about enabling able students to fulfill their potential within inclusive school communities, NACE provides a wealth of experience used to benefit teachers and their students. Marymount is proud to be a member school of NACE, giving access to our faculty and families to a multitude of resources and opportunities.

Learn more about NACE on their website:

Gifted in France

Gifted in France is a support group for English-speaking parents of gifted children located in Paris, France. As one of the few Gifted & Talented organizations for English-speakers in France, GiF is a wonderful resource for our international community! GiF regularly hosts events for students, please see their blog for more information and upcoming events: