Learning Support

All students are unique individuals who learn at their individual pace and in their individual way. For students with learning differences, learning can be a challenge every day. Marymount International School, Paris is a uniquely supportive environment that is home to students with abilities and gifts as diverse as their backgrounds, united by shared values and purpose. The LSS team at Marymount works with students with learning differences to help them develop the necessary academic skills needed for them to learn.

We offer specialized learning support for students who have been identified as having learning differences in reading, written expression, math and organization. In small group settings, students and specially trained teachers work to develop strategies and skills for remediating the student’s specific learning challenge. Specialists, teachers, parents, and classroom teachers form a cohesive unit of support to guide each student to a shared definition of personal success. To be more effective and to ensure all students are learning to their fullest potential, the LSS team uses a holistic approach to education. As well as intellectual and academic development, this approach aims to encompass physical, social, artistic, creative and emotional aspects of a child's development, ensuring that the best resources, supports, and environment are being provided to the student so they can develop their unique skills, knowledge, and self-confidence.

Resource Center

Our Resource Center provides learning support in the areas of Literacy, Math, and organizational and study skills for students with mild to moderate learning difficulties. The Resource Center faculty members work with the students’ classroom teachers to identify students’ special needs and arrange relevant testing and placement. In regular collaboration with the classroom teachers, they define the appropriate curriculum-related activities for them to use in helping the students and keep track of their progress on assignments and in class.

Having prepared an Individual Educational Profile for each of their students, they prepare lessons and provide instruction to students, either individually or in small groups.

Individualized Learning Center

This personalized educational program is designed for students with learning difficulties whose needs cannot be met within the regular classroom. For over twenty years, the ILC and its team of experienced specialists has been encouraging intellectual and creative growth with individually designed curricula that focus primarily on Literacy, Math and Language Arts. Where possible, ILC students are mainstreamed with their chronological age group for Religion, Art, Music, Physical Education and Library Studies.

Download our Teaching & Learning Policy below for more information about Marymount's Learning Support Services.