Physical Education

Marymount offers a comprehensive and diverse range of Physical Education activities that encourage our students to develop an active lifestyle, while adopting habits that contribute to lifelong wellbeing. Our PE Faculty members create an environment where all abilities are valued and each student is given the encouragement he or she needs to excel.The Physical Education program provides opportunities for students to participate in a wide variety of sports, honing their skills and developing an enjoyment of play and a mature, balanced attitude toward competition.

Marymount students have ample opportunity both to use and to build on what they learn from their Physical Education classes through the weekend Marymount Booster programs, competitive opportunities with the Marymount Falcons teams, and the After School Activities program.

All students develop skills in a wide variety of sports throughout the year.

  • Conditioning (2 weeks)
  • Soccer (3 weeks)
  • Volleyball (3 weeks)
  • Basketball (3 weeks)
  • Gymnastics (6 weeks)
  • Hockey (3 weeks)
  • Badminton (3 weeks)
  • Ultimate Frisbee (3 weeks)
  • Handball (3 weeks)
  • Track and Field (3 weeks)
  • Softball-Baseball (3 weeks)

The focus is on individual improvement in each class as students progress at their own rhythm. At the beginning of each session students undergo an informal evaluation to place them in the appropriate level with a view to them progressing to the next level throughout the course.

Marymount Sportsmanship Rules

  • Attends class punctually, appropriately clothed and ready to work
  • Works co-operatively and willing to help a partner
  • Be able to work on your own
  • Shows effort and a good attitude and concentration
  • Play fair
  • Follows directions
  • Is able to solve problems set.
  • Shows care for precise sports vocabulary
  • Develop a more realistic self image
  • Can accept and abide by refereeing decisions.
  • Learn and understand the rules
  • Be able to evaluate self (Level 1)
  • Be able to evaluate others (Level 2)
  • Be able to set personal goals with the teacher (Level 3)
  • Be able to set personal goals alone (Levels 4 & 5)