As a Catholic school guided by the goals and objectives of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, learning about faith is at the heart of our mission. Our Religion program is designed to engagingly present comprehensive content, which is the basis of knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith, whilst respecting the diversity of faith traditions of our students. The religious program in Middle School aims to enable students to grow and develop along their faith journey in their personal relationship with God.

All students follow the same religion program, which is designed to ensure that it is academically rigorous and delivered with the same pedagogical practices that are used in other academic subjects. For some of our students, religion classes offer an opportunity to learn ‘from’ religion, whereas for others the focus is on learning ‘about’ religion. The program encourages the spiritual development of each member of the community, to promote spiritual understanding among world faiths, in addition to presenting Jesus Christ as a valid faith option.

Students of other religions are permitted to openly follow the principles and observances of their faith. The diversity of religious affiliation is a key success factor in our religious education program and students are all actively encouraged to share their personal faith observances and journey with their teachers and peers. This means that we are able to invite students to discover what they can learn from other people about their own faith journey. The objective is not simply to ask what do others do? but rather, what can I learn from this that will enrich my own religious and spiritual life? Each student participates in school liturgies in a way that matches their faith and their conscience.