Remote Learning at Marymount

At Marymount Paris, learning is experienced based, followed by reflection, and resulting in action. Student well being has always been at the heart of a Marymount education. Never has this been more important since the world of education - and indeed of our global community - has been radically impacted by the spread of Covid-19.  As each family faces and deals with the restrictions in their own manner, it is vital that Marymount teachers and educators create a sense of consistency and safety, where the children can come and continue to receive an education.

Remote learning at Marymount aims to: 

  • create and maintain conditions that foster learning and critical thinking for students
  • develop and emphasis on well-being and social-emotional support
  • provide curated IT platforms and resources to support and complement teaching
  • enhance parental engagement as educational partners
  • support staff well-being

Please see our Remote Learning Handbook* for more in-depth information. 
*This handbook is a living and dynamic document that is regularly updated in order to respond to the needs of our students and staff. 

IT Support

Google Classroom is Marymount's Main learning platform for the whole school. Instructions - How to Access Google Classroom

Need help?

A family’s primary point of contact will be the classroom teacher. For additional IT support or questions around remote learning, please contact: 

Send an email to our Help Desk to open a support ticket with our IT team:

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