School Closure: Wednesday 7 February 2018

Due to bad weather and snow, school has been cancelled for students today, Wednesday 7 February, 2018. The Marymount campus will be closed for all students and parents for the day.

Today, Wednesday 7 February 2018, a report of severe weather was received by Marymount’s administration:


Current situation :
Snowfalls are low to moderate and mostly continuous, mainly affecting the west and north of the Île de France (Paris) region. Accumulations of 7 to 15 cm have already been observed in some areas (12 cm in Montsouris, 13 cm in Roissy and 15 cm in Orly) and some western areas have observed up to 15 to 20 cm.

The snow is adhering on all surfaces and temperatures are, indeed, between -2 and 0 ° C over the entire Paris region, and locally -3 ° C in some areas.

Expected evolution:

Snowfall will be light to moderate, and constant until mid-morning Wednesday under the effect of a stationary system centered on the Île de France (Paris) region. The intensity of the snowfall will, however, progressively lower, especially in the south of the Île de France (Paris) region. Flakes or small snows will still be possible throughout the day and will disappear only at night.

The snow is adhering and gathering on all surfaces and accumulations should reach their maximum value around mid-day: somewhere in the range of 7 to 15 cm is expected. The snow depths on the ground could reach higher depth in some areas, especially over a large northwestern half of the Île de France (Paris) region, where 20 cm is possible.

There will be a slight thaw in covered areas this afternoon, but this will not allow a total melting of the entire snowpack; however, especially in urban areas, there is a risk of falling snow patches or falling ice from roofs (due to the slight thaw).

The next night, the cold increases sharply: it is expected from -4 to -7 ° C for Thursday morning. As a result the layer of snow on the ground will harden even more the next night (from Wednesday to Thursday), becoming very slippery everywhere.

For tomorrow, Thursday is expected a temporary lull of snowfall.

Possible consequences for Snow-Ice / Orange
* Snowfall or ice, in significant proportions for the region, is expected.
* Traffic conditions can quickly become very difficult on the entire network, especially in the forestry sector where falling trees can increase the difficulties.
* The risk of accidents is increased.
* Some damage can affect electricity and telephone distribution networks.

Behavioral Tips for Snow-Ice / Orange
* Be careful and vigilant if you have to move.
* Privilege public transport.
* Learn about traffic conditions at the Bison Futé site:
* Prepare your trip and your itinerary.
* Respect the traffic restrictions and deviations put in place.
* Facilitate the passage of clearance vehicles on roads and highways, especially by parking your vehicle off the road.
* Protect yourself from falls and protect others by clearing snow and salting sidewalks in front of your home, while avoiding obstructions to water seepage.
* Never touch fallen electrical lines.
* Always install generators outside of any buildings.
* Do not use to heat yourself:
- appliances not intended for this purpose: cooker, brazier; etc.
- continuous combustion booster heaters.
These devices should only operate intermittently.


Please consult MeteoFrance’s website for more information and updates in the local weather conditions:

Any updates in the situation will be posted on this site.

LAST UPDATED: 7 February 2018 @ 6:30am