Student services and thoughtful family support

Hot lunch service

Our French chef and his team provide tasty hot lunches in our lunch room every day. The school works closely with the chef to ensure that lunch menus reflect nutritional and cultural expectations. Contact the school office to register for the hot lunch:

We have a French qualified and experienced nurse on campus. The nurse provides support to families. We run annual drop-in sessions for those new to navigating the French healthcare system. The American and British hospitals are a few minutes walk from the school.

Private school bus
We offer a bus service across some areas of Paris and routes are re-developed each year to best cater for the majority of travellers. Each bus has a dedicated staff supervisor. More information on routes and charges can be obtained from the school office.

Guidance and pastoral support
Sometimes students need a little extra support. Our in-house support staff and guidance counsellor work closely with our students and recommend local professionals when required.

After school enrichment activities
We offer a selection of after-school enrichment activities according to age suitability each day of the school year. More information on after school activities can be found here. Activities include a wide range of competitive sports, team games, music, art, practical subjects and French. 

Spiritual formation and growth
We welcome students of all backgrounds and religions. We welcome the individual wherever they are on their own journey of belief or faith so as to encourage them in life-long pilgrimage and personal relationship with God. Our RSHM tradition and heritage is strong and the continuing heartbeat of our mission today. Our school day begins by students leading morning prayer and assemblies are enjoyed by all. Everyone is welcome at our regular school masses. We are grateful for the ministry of local priests and religious - in French and in English. The school offers programs to Catholic students of sacramental preparation for those wishing to take part in the sacrament of confession and reconciliation, first Holy Communion, Holy Communion, and Confirmation.