Educational Trips

Learning at Marymount is carefully designed upon a clear vision of what we are trying to achieve. The curriculum is partly delivered through subject areas, but lessons are only one aspect of our students’ learning experience. Educational trips, or field trips, are one tool that we use to achieve our goal of fostering the 'whole child' - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

Marymount teachers understand the importance of learning outside of the classroom, and work hard to prepare and plan our numerous educational trip opportunities for students. These opportunities provide students to observe what they've learned in a 'real-world' environment. Our students take frequent trips within the Paris region to various sites, museums, and more.

Yearly May Trips

Marymount also has our yearly May trips: approximately week-long educational trips to areas such as Brittany, Normandy, and more. These trips are throughly planned by our teachers and administration, and are highly anticipated by our students and teachers. Please see below for each grade's region.

Grade 3 - Normandy

Our Grade 3 students visit a farm in Normandy that welcomes young children to experience farm life and learn about farming and animal husbandry.

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Grade 4 - Jura

Our Grade 4 students visit the mountainous Jura region of France.

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Grade 5 - Loire

Our Grade 4 Students visit the Loire countryside in France, and take learning about ecosystems out of the classroom and into the countryside. Carrying out the learning objectives of our science unit on ecosystems, students look at ecosystems ranging from the tiny microcosms to be found in drops of water to the ecosystem of a forest to the vast ecosystem of our planet, and use scientific skills and tools in order to observe micro organisms and record traces left by living creatures in these ecosystems.

Click here for a slideshow of our May Trips, all grades.

Grade 6 - Brittany

Our Grade 6 students discover the Brittany region in France where they learn skills such as how to sail on catamarans while developing team building skills, and life science lessons such as rock pool fishing and building an aquarium. In addition, students also visit Brittany's famous Carnac site, an exceptionally dense collection of megalithic stones forming the largest collection in the world. Other activities from recent trips have also included a math chase where students use their communication, orienteering and problem solving to find and solve a range of math puzzles hidden around our center, and a meet-up with their Pen pals from their French classes and a treasure hunt with their new friends.

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Grade 7 - Rocamadour

Grade 7 students visit the Occitanie region of France. With a focus on the numerous medieval sites in the area, students start their trip with a visit to the medieval castle called Castelnau and learn about the life of the villagers that lived in this fortified town and how the castle was built for defense. Students also experience cave exploring, caving suits, helmets and all! Lastly students visit the beautiful medieval city of Saint Cirq La Popie and then Rocamadour, a cliff-top city famous for it's Cité Réligieuse complex of religious buildings.

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Grade 8 - Stratford & London

Our oldest students, Grade 8, visit London and Stratford upon Avon in England. The trip is the culmination of their three-year study of Shakespeare and starts at the Globe before moving to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The week includes pre- and post-performance talks, drama workshops, and more. The group also sees whatever plays are in performance at the time of the trip, and a special highlight is always meeting one of the actors for a Q and A session! The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust tailors the program around the classroom learning to ensure “a once in a lifetime experience!” (Lucie, 2016)

Click here for a slideshow of our May Trips, all grades.