School Services


We know that happy, healthy students learn best, so lunchtime at Marymount is a precious moment of socialization and relaxation.

Our on-site, French chef prepares a nutritious hot lunch and salad bar every day using fresh, organic ingredients. Lunchtimes are staggered according to age but all children sit together in the school lunchroom or on the terrace if the sun is shining! Lunchroom monitors are available to help children and ensure that this precious time is relaxing and stress-free.

Our Nurse and School Principal work closely to ensure that lunchtime menus reflect nutritional and cultural expectations.

Please contact for more details or to receive a sample menu.

Health & Well-being

As educators, assisting your child to make healthy choices in their daily lives is a vital part of our mission.

An on-site school nurse is available full-time for all students at Marymount and takes an active role in the individual health and well-being of every student. She also acts as a resource for families who are new to France and seeking health advice or learning to navigate the French healthcare system.

All staff and faculty are required to undergo First-Aid and Fire Extinguisher training, and receive defibrillator training. First-Aid courses are also offered to Middle School students and the parent community via the PTO.

Please contact for more details.

Bus Service

We know how important it is for students to have an efficient and pleasant journey to and from school.

Our carefully designed, extensive school bus system promotes security, safety and serenity for each child. Dedicated, adult bus monitors are aboard every bus and ensure the safety of all our passengers, taking particular care of the youngest. All buses are equipped with regulation safety belts and bus monitors maintain regular contact with the school and parents to ensure a worry-free journey.

Marymount bus routes are re-designed each year depending on the location of our families and serve Paris and the Ile de France region.

Please contact for more details.


The safety and security of our students at Marymount International School, Paris is something we take very seriously.

We pride ourselves on the safety of all our children and all staff and faculty are committed to maintaining a secure learning environment. The campus has a guard presence at the gates and our campus is equipped with several security cameras. Local police are on campus every morning as children arrive and regularly visit students to educate them about safety and French law.