Service Learning

At Marymount International School, Paris, service learning provides educational experiences for the students so that they live the RSHM mission as an integral part of their learning and growth as individuals. It is our belief that it is becoming increasingly important for children and young adults to learn to examine global issues in an intelligent and critical way, to see the connections between these issues and their studies, and to serve their communities in a way that reflects their understanding. Of course, this becomes all the more important in the context of the RSHM Network of Schools as it is so intimately linked with the mission of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary.

Our vision of service at Marymount guides us to organize and deliver programs whose primary goal is to strengthen the RSHM mission using 21st century pedagogical practices and tools. Service learning at Marymount is embedded in our curriculum and are purposeful assignments that aim to foster the connection between the RSHM Network of Schools and therefore enable students to speak with one voice in support of the mission of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary. As such, our students will grow in their individual sense of agency, and recognize their ability to develop into active and discerning members of the RSHM global learning community.

The culiminatory service project is the RSHM Heritage Award Program is open to all Middle School students. For this program, each goal of the RSHM Network of Schools has been used as an educational standard to anchor the learning and growth of the students. With a wide array of potential projects to fulfill the five goals, our aim is to attend to all aspects of our students’ characters. The criteria for the RSHM Heritage Award Program have been developed to be accessible to our heterogeneous student body whose diverse talents provide the rich fabric of our international community.

Some examples of service learning projects include: