Sports Clubs

Competitive Sports: Falcons Team
Open to all Middle School students (Grade 5 students must make an individual request to the PE teachers) held Monday-Thursday (schedules vary per sport). Matches are sometimes played on Fridays and at the weekend. Schedules will be posted at the beginning of term. 

Middle School students can register for a variety of sports via the Marymount Falcons sports program. Athletes participate in weekly practice, matches and tournaments featuring other international schools in France and abroad. Unlike the rest of the year-long ASA options, FALCONS are offered on a trimester basis to reflect the sporting seasons of the international school community. Students registered for a FALCONS sport are expected to make every effort to participate in matches at home or away, or support their team mates at matches. Match dates can be found on the school calendar. FALCONS sports change each trimester and practice take place several times during the week, in addition to any matches and tournaments.

Inter-School Matches
Sports competitions are still on-hold until further notice. The school is in close cooperation with coaches in the other international schools to liaise on future competitions. We will keep you posted! Uniforms will continue to be provided by the school. 


Pre-Falcons: Grades 4 & 5 

Students in Grades 4 and 5 can register for our Pre-Falcons programs, intended to prepare students for a competitive sports team in Middle School. 

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