An international day school for students from all over the world, aged 3 to 14 years old.

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Educating Hearts & Minds since 1923

Our Mission

As a Catholic school embracing diversity, and in the spirit of the RSHM Mission "that all may have life", our school community is committed to the education of every student so that they may think creatively, reason critically, communicate effectively and learn continuously.

The aims of a Marymount education are manifold: to educate the heart and mind, and to provide for each student’s total growth, intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically.
Mother Marie Joseph Butler
Founder of Marymount International School, Paris


Last week Ms Miller and Mrs Le Gall, Marymount Pre-K 1 and Pre-K 2 teachers, spent the week attending a conference in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Reggio Emilia is an extremely important place in the field of education.

The educators at Reggio have been developing and refining their educational approach for over sixty years. The very first school was established after World War Two out of a desire to create a new approach to teaching and learning. The focus in this special school was upon allowing children to become independent, creative, and to think for themselves.There are now 78 municipal preschools and infant toddler centres in Reggio Emilia, and their approach is an inspiration to educators around the world. The Reggio approach is one that values listening, respect, dialogue, reflection, democracy and self-expression.

During this special week, participants attended a wide range of interesting lectures, workshops and most importantly- visits to the special Reggio Preschools. It has been an amazing week, filled with encounters and shared experiences with educators from all over the world.

« If we believe that children possess their own theories, interpretations and questions, and that they are co-protagonists in their knowledge-building processes, then the most important verb in educational practice is no longer to talk, to explain, to transmit, but to listen. »
-Carlina Rinaldi (1998)

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Creating Unity through Diversity
  • 45different nationalities
  • 36 languages spoken in our community
  • 12 religious affiliations represented
  • 19 schools in global network
Our children feel like they belong to this community instead of feeling like outsiders in a foreign country. Marymount makes them feel at home.
Elementary School Mom
Inspiring a Lifelong Love of Learning
It is essential that every child has access to the curriculum and that the right of all children to learn is recognized and respected. There is no one size fits all mode to education.
Adrian Scarlett
Curriculum Director


Representatives from No Planeta B and Global Issues Network had the honor of carrying letters written by student attendees from GINParis 2015 to world leaders involved in COP21, including United Nations Secretary-General Bi-Ki Moon! Marymount students expressed many different environmental concerns in the hopes that their voices would be heard. In the coming days we will be learning about the decisions made by COP21 this year - let us hope that they have listened to the millions of calls for action from around the world and find effective solutions for climate change!

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On Friday, April 1st, the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run 2016 visited Marymount students on campus for a visit and presentation. Members of the Peace Runners will be in the Paris area, running to their next destination and we are delighted that they have selected Marymount, Paris as a partner school. Our Marymount, Paris "Peace Keeper Students" welcomed them and escort them to the gym for the assembly.

Founded in 1987, by Sri Chinmoy, the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run is a global relay that seeks to promote international friendship and understanding. Since its inception it has traversed over 100 nations and touched the lives of millions of people.

The Peace Run is organized by an international network of volunteers inspired by Sri Chinmoy's vision of a more peaceful world. Coordinators in each country partner locally with schools, community groups, sporting organizations, city and state government departments to bring the run to the community as a service encouraging international friendship and understanding.

The 2016 Peace Run to Marymount will be part of the European Peace Run relay. In March the Peace Run began it's UK route in London at the Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile in Battersea Park. On March 13th the Peace Run went to the National Botanic Gardens in Camarthen, Wales. From March 20th to 23rd the Peace Run was in Scotland and on March 29th it crossed the Channel into France.

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For the third year in a row, six Marymount math students have been selected to compete in the 2016 ISMTF (International Schools Mathematics Teachers Foundation) Middle School Competition, hosted this year at the International School of Zug and Luzern. They will be accompanied by Middle School Coordinator and Math Teacher, Rory McCormick, and Curriculum Director, Adrian Scarlett.

The ISMTF is a nonprofit foundation whose purpose is to provide support in the enrichment of teaching and learning of mathematics at international schools, nurture exchange of experiences among mathematics educators, and to help generate interest in and enthusiasm for mathematics among students of these schools.

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Friday 18th March and Saturday 19th March, the Marymount Falcons played their end of the season basketball tournament at the American School of Paris (ASP), competing against local international teams from ASP, International School of Paris, l'Hermitage and Ecole Jeannine Manuel in all categories, and in coming FIRST in three categories: Girls Team, Boys A Team and Boys 6th Grade Team, in addition to coming third in the Boys B Team category!

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