An international day school for students from all over the world, aged 3 to 14 years old.

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Educating Hearts & Minds since 1923

Our Mission

As a Catholic school embracing diversity, and in the spirit of the RSHM Mission "that all may have life", our school community is committed to the education of every student so that they may think creatively, reason critically, communicate effectively and learn continuously.

The aims of a Marymount education are manifold: to educate the heart and mind, and to provide for each student’s total growth, intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically.
Mother Marie Joseph Butler
Founder of Marymount International School, Paris


Representatives from No Planeta B and Global Issues Network had the honor of carrying letters written by student attendees from GINParis 2015 to world leaders involved in COP21, including United Nations Secretary-General Bi-Ki Moon! Marymount students expressed many different environmental concerns in the hopes that their voices would be heard. In the coming days we will be learning about the decisions made by COP21 this year - let us hope that they have listened to the millions of calls for action from around the world and find effective solutions for climate change!

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Creating Unity through Diversity
  • 45 different nationalites
  • 36 languages spoken in our community
  • 12 religious affiliations represented
  • 19 schools in global network
Our children feel like they belong to this community instead of feeling like outsiders in a foreign country. Marymount makes them feel at home.
Elementary School Mom
Inspiring a Lifelong Love of Learning
It is essential that every child has access to the curriculum and that the right of all children to learn is recognized and respected. There is no one size fits all mode to education.
Adrian Scarlett
Curriculum Director


The 2015 RSHM Heritage Award Portfolio Presentation will be held in the library on Tuesday, June 9th at 3:30. All are welcome to support the Grade 8 students in the celebration of this learning experience that is unique to our school and indicative of the RSHM Network of Schools. The RSHM Heritage Award The RSHM Heritage Award Program is an enriching learning experience that is being piloted at Marymount International School, Paris. A committee of faculty members developed this program for the Grade 8 students. Our goal is that the students will grow in their individual sense of agency through their active engagement in the RSHM Heritage Award Program, recognizing their own ability to become discerning members to the RSHM global learning community. For this program, each goal of the RSHM Network of Schools has been used as an educational standard to anchor the learning and growth of the students. With the wide array of potential projects to fulfill the five goals, our aim is to attend to all aspects of our students' characters. The criteria for the RSHM Heritage Award Program have been developed to be accessible to our heterogeneous student body whose diverse talents provide the rich fabric of our international community. In the words of Mother Butler, "The aims of a Marymount education are manifold: to educate the heart and mind, and to provide for each student's total growth, intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically." Goal 1: To foster a personal relationship with God - Student participants will explore their spirituality. Goal 2: To create unity through diversity - Student participants will experience team building through sports. Goal 3: To instill a life-long love of learning - Student participants will develop and express critical thinking skills. Goal 4: To encourage and affirm personal growth - Student participants will facilitate a learning experience for others. Goal 5: To awaken a consciousness of social justice -Student participants will actively serve their community. Goal 6: To fulfill the Mission of the RSHM: That all may have life - Student participants will conduct a personal reflection on what they have learned about themselves and how their experience is a reflection of the Mission of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary. The students who have chosen to participate were asked to find an adult sponsor who could support their projects as they fulfilled e program's requirements. At the end of the year, the students presented a portfolio of their activities to representatives from the Administration and faculty. In this presentation, the students shared their personal reflections about the process and explained how their projects embody the goals of the RSHM Schools. The culmination of this commitment is the RSHM Heritage Award - a special recognition for our Grade 8 graduates. Upon learning about the RSHM Heritage Award, Sr. Rita Arthur, the RSHM Delegate to the United Nations, highlighted that our students need to feel empowered with the knowledge that they can "create the world they want so that all may have life." It is our hope that participation in the RSHM Heritage Award Program helps the Marymount International School, Paris student participants see themselves as active and valuable representatives of the RSHM Global learning community.
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The experienced lunchtime team regularly liaises with the School Principal to offer regional 'tasting' lunches for students to provide them with a sensory curriculum experience for the palate! From Picardie, France to Louisiana, USA, the roots of our diverse community are reflected right here in the Marymount lunchroom! Students are offered a regular lunchtime to selection but may opt for the regional 'tasting' menu that includes specialty foods from the featured region.

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It's hard to believe that 8 years have already passed since I walked out of Marymount's gates for my last time as a student. Little did I know that I would one day return to this special place as an intern! I attended Marymount from 2002 to 2007, from 3rd to 7th grade, living the Parisian expat life. After my years in Paris had come to and end, my family and I moved to a small town in Connecticut, where we stayed for only 1 year. We then accepted an assignment in Beijing, China; life in China was certainly never boring but after two years it was time to move back to Cincinnati. Two years later, I graduated from the same high school from which my parents also graduated ! As a result of my highly-mobile childhood, two years was enough time for me to spend in Cincinnati, so I packed up my things once again and headed to Chicago to attend DePaul University! At DePaul, I majored in both Elementary Education and French. So, this past semester I have been studying abroad in Paris and interning at Marymount! My time at Marymount has been anything but dull! Between doing reading level evaluations and guiding reading groups for Sr. Brigid's 1st grade class, teaching lessons in Ms. Frusciante's 3rd grade class, and helping Miss Ellis in the library, Marymount has definitely kept me busy! It has really been such a fun and enriching experience that has equipped me with skills which I will certainly be using in my future career as a teacher. However, as wonderful as it was seeing my elementary and middle school teachers, it was such a strange experience to eat in the teachers' lounge with my French and Religion teachers from 10 years ago! In any case, 8 years ago I never would have thought that I would eventually return to Marymount, but I could not be happier that I did!
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Recently a team of Marymount staff members attended a conference in London, sponsored by the National Association for Able Children in Education (NACE). 'Yes You Can' Harnessing Talents and Abilities attracted the interest of members of one of Marymount International School, Paris' Professional Learning Communities!Composed of teachers of all grade levels and subject areas, these life long learners are committed and interested in learning together toward greater student achievement. Meeting regularly, these teachers are modeling what is expected from their students: sharing of expertise, working collaboratively and setting goals for an improved result.Since September these educators, committed to the educational topic of Gifted and Talented Students, are researching how Marymount can better ensure that all students – even the more able ones – are supported to achieve their personal best.Although 'differentiation' is often referred to as a strategy for teachers to support those students requiring additional assistance to make grade level, Marymount educators realize that if we are truly committed to our school's mission then all students – even the more capable or more able ones – deserve this strategy. But current research, across the world, seems to indicate that in many schools, the opposite takes place – too few pupils are challenged to achieve above the expected level.Recently, the Professional Learning Community (PLC) discussed how the more able students in our school community are empowered and supported. In addition, the educators analyzed which Marymount programs, practices and curriculum areas help promote this across all grade levels.The PLC identified further inquiries requiring future discussion and examination:Are Marymount's more abled students regularly achieving above grade level?Are our more abled students turning in homework regularly and on time and to a high/exceptional standard?Do our more abled students display a passion for the subject?Can the student work hard without regular support and encouragement i.e. independently?Finally, does the student possess and use a range of specialist technical vocabulary?The latest research does indicate that if the more abled students are succeeding it is through effective communication between everyone involved in the education of each student. After school and extra-curricular activities for students are as important as the classroom curriculum and these programs must be diverse to support a range of student needs, talents and interests.What are the challenges for schools all over the world including Marymount International School, Paris? We have the duty and responsibility to provide more challenging and customized learning experiences to help able and talented pupils to achieve the highest standards. Administrators must ensure that teachers improve the use of data and assessment to identify, track and monitor their pupils' progress. School programs must build on existing transition arrangements between primary and secondary schools to provide more appropriate links. Finally, all schools can and must improve parents' understanding of how they can better support the education of their child. After all, the education of each child is a true partnership between the family and school.BACK TO MAIN MENU - Learning Leadership
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Marymount International School, Paris organized a Water Is Life Walk-a–Thon on 20th March 2015 to raise funds for the RSHM Mission in Zimbabwe. The walk-a-thon is part of the Make A Difference Club's Water is Life Project as part of the 2015 Green Actions Program. The main aim of the project is to raise awareness of the importance of water and of the global water crisis. Water is a focus in the curriculum but we also want the school community to take action and do something practical. The RSHM schools in Zimbabwe provide education and pastoral care for children whose parents cannot afford to send them to public schools. The schools have very basic facilities. Sister Kathleen Murphy, the RSHM missionary who cares for the children in Zimbabwe says 'in our area of Harare, there has not been a constant supply of running water for years. The lack of water is indeed, a great suffering for our people here.' Children have to carry two to five liters of water on their heads every day and the school needs toilets and washing facilities. This is our chance to help! Teachers and students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 participated, along with volunteers from the parent body and walkers carried up to six liters of water on their backs, depending on their age and size, in empathy with the millions of children who have to walk long distances daily for water, which is often polluted.

A message from Mrs. Stadlman, Make a Difference Club organizer: On Friday March 20th Marymount staff, faculty parents and students walked together in the sunshine in the Walk for Water Walk a Thon. The walk, which involved the participation of students K-8, was organized to collect funds to provide sanitary facilities for our school in Zimbabwe. The walkers carried bottles of water in their back packs to raise awareness of the many children in developing countries who have to walk more than 6 kilometers daily to collect water then carry it back home for their families. Sponsorship and donations raised a total of 8625.17€! We owe a huge Thank You to Mrs. Bambridge for her enthusiasm, encouragement and support, to the several teachers and administrators who pulled together to organize the walk and especially to our Awesome Green Team Parents: Marie Taymans- Verstraete, Nandita Jain and Marilys Aragones who oversaw the project with amazing scrutiny vigilance and joy!

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