The senior leadership team reports to the Board of Directors and oversees the day-to-day operations and management of the school. 


Sarah Thomas, Head of School

Sarah has worked at Marymount for over a decade, with a focus on teaching and student service learning before assuming the role of Principal in 2013 and Head of School in 2020.  Sarah is American, speaks fluent French and has a Masters degree in International Educational Administration & Leadership from Endicott University.




Ingrid Kay, Principal

Ingrid Kay has worked at Marymount since 2008, teaching at primary grade level and also as an IT integrationist. She was appointed School Principal in 2020. Ingrid has over twenty-one years of teaching experience in international schools in her native New Zealand, and in the UK and France.  She is bilingual in English and French.

Ingrid has two sons who attend Marymount Paris.



Fabien Jaillet, Director of Finance and Administration

Fabien joined the school in 2020 following a career in corporate accounting with KPMG.  He is responsible for the financial management and other key business support functions of the school. Fabien is French, speaks fluent English and Spanish and has an educational background in Finance.



Kate des Places, External Relations Director

Kate has worked at Marymount since 2013. She has operational experience in administration and student enrichment and school services. In her role as External Relations Director, she oversees external relations, communications and admissions. Kate is British, speaks fluent French and has an educational background in Law, Business Management and Psychology.